New Century Products, LLC. Was formed in 1995 to provide the boating industry with windshields and windows. We have steadily grown and boast of the ability to supply a quality, on-time-delivery product. Our customer base consists of the small boat manufacturer to the large multi-series, fish and ski, and salt water marine craft.

Our Staff will help in the development stages of your prototyping so you can obtain the maximum in function and aesthetics. Our in-house glass bending facility let’s us control the bending of windshields to ensure your specifications are met precisely. We also have approximately 75 different glass profiles in stock to accommodate a variety of configurations.

Our Goal is to broaden our Customer base and in turn show that Quality and On-Time-Delivery are as important to us as it is to you.

We are one of the few windshield manufacturers that bends their own glass. This enables us to control the process from the start of the windshield until it is completed. Using state of the art CNC cutting and grinding equipment, your glass is programmed to match your specifications.


We encourage Blanket orders to insure shipment within 48 hours. We will maintain an inventory set by the customer to be released at their discretion. Even without a Blanket Order, we can deliver in much less time than the industry standard.

Quality is vital in every step of our manufacturing process. From the bending of the glass to the bending of the metal, pattern checks are a standard at New Century Products. We offer packaging to insure the product arrives to you safely in the same condition as it left our line.